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Tips for Maintaining Copper Utensils

Copper utensils have been used in kitchens for many years. Because of their health benefits, knowing the secrets of increasing their resistance and radiance will be useful for more beauty.


Maintaining Copper Utensils


Tips for maintaining copper utensils:

1- If you want to remove stains from a copper dish, rub a slice of onion on it to be easily cleaned.

2- Be careful not to damage the protective coating during use or washing.

3- Use soft, cloudy sponges to clean copper utensils.

4- Avoid hot water and high-abrasive detergents when washing copper utensils.

5- Copper utensils should never be placed in the dishwasher and should be dried immediately after washing.

6- To clean very dirty parts of copper utensils and make them shiny, dip half of a lemon in salt and rub it on the desired part. A mixture of vinegar and salt is also useful. Just boil your dish with a tablespoon of salt, a cup of white vinegar and some water in a bowl for a few hours. Then wash it with a solution of soap and hot water, and finally rinse and dry.

7- If you do not want your copper utensils to rust, dip the brush in onion juice and rub it on the copper utensils.

8- If the copper coating layer (tin) is lost, renew it again.

9- Avoid cooking acidic and sour foods in copper dishes without tin coating. Because it causes too much copper to enter the food. Copper poisoning will lead to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Excess copper is also stored in the liver and causes it to fail.

10- Copper utensils change color when heated. If the outer surface of the dish becomes two-colored, mix some salt and vinegar, thickly apply it with soft scotch tape, and then rinse. Cranberry or orange juice can also be used. To wash the surface inside the dish, first moisten it with some water and with soft charcoal and scotch, gently rub on the surfaces and clean it. Then rinse it. Always dry the copper dish with a soft towel after washing.

11- Before using copper utensils, it is best to boil them in milk to remove any toxins in the container.

The reason food tastes good and fits well in copper utensils is that the heat in copper utensils is stored and distributed more uniformly than other metal utensils. Cooking food in these utensils can reduce anemia because copper is an essential element for the process. Hematopoiesis and anemia. Lack of copper ions causes lethargy and drowsiness and constant boredom and causes joint pain. Cooking food in copper utensils eliminates these conditions.


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