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Copper is one of the oldest metal elements ever discovered, dating back at least 10,000 years .In fact, copper was the second most discovered element after gold. Copper in environments it exists naturally such as rock, water, soil, air, etc., and this element is also present in plants and animals. Copper it is the third most abundant element in the human body and plays an important role in the human body.


Copper art is one of the most original and ancient industries in Iran. Historical findings show that working with metals began in the Sassanid period. Rasa Noavar Trade Development Company, relying on the valuable historical background of this original art, intends to take a step towards introducing this industry to Iranians and the world as much as possible. And send and use all available potentials to satisfy customers.


The company manufactures and markets its products under the “zitchenware” brand.


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