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Wednesday , 03 Feb 2021

How to Make Copper Utensils

How to Make Copper Utensils submitted by :

Making the main body and cutting it, hammering, whitewashing (using tin) and drilling, and finally the polishing stage are among the main steps in making copper utensils. . . If we want to briefly explain the steps of making copper utensils to you, it includes the following items: 1. First they make the main body […]

Saturday , 30 Jan 2021

Types of Copper Utensils

Types of Copper Utensils submitted by :

Copper utensils are of three types in terms of construction; Machine, semi-hammer and handmade are divided. . . Machine Copper Utensils In the first type, all the steps of making the container are done with the device and you can see parallel lines on the body of the container. This type of copper container has […]

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