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How to Make Copper Utensils

Making the main body and cutting it, hammering, whitewashing (using tin) and drilling, and finally the polishing stage are among the main steps in making copper utensils.


How to Make Copper Utensils


If we want to briefly explain the steps of making copper utensils to you, it includes the following items:

1. First they make the main body of copper utensils. The point that we have to make in making the body of copper utensils is that in the old days, the body was done by cutting and then welding 2 pieces of copper sheet, but now with the preparation of bending machines and presses, the body of copper utensils is made. It is made in one piece and this makes the body of the dishes better.

2. Hammering At this stage, after building the main body, it is hammered.

3. Tin Coating – Tin coating means the same whitewashing that is done.

4. At this stage, the desired drilling and connecting the handle to the copper utensils is done.

5. The last stage is polishing, which means shining, and the copper utensils are polished at the end.


Types of copper utensils Production of copper utensils workshop:

– Types of utensils for cooking (pots, pans, pots, etc.)

– Types of seismic utensils (pots, spoons, plates …)

– Types of utensils for preparing dowry (Types of charcoal samovars, pots, decorations, etc.)

– Types of utensils for gifts (vases, candies, sconces, etc.)

– Types of catering utensils (confectionery, fruit eating, chocolate eating, etc.)


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