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Types of Copper Utensils

Copper utensils are of three types in terms of construction; Machine, semi-hammer and handmade are divided.



Machine Copper Utensils

In the first type, all the steps of making the container are done with the device and you can see parallel lines on the body of the container. This type of copper container has a lower price than the second and third types.


Semi-Hammer Copper Utensils

In the second type, which is semi-hammering, after it is bent by the machine, the dishes are hammered by blacksmiths. On the body of the second category, you can see a small number of hammer blows.


Handmade Copper Utensils

In the last type, all the manufacturing steps are done by coppersmiths and the body of these containers is full of hammers. Rice soldering can usually be seen on the edges of these dishes. The third category is the most expensive type of copper utensils. Remember that all handmade utensils are the best type of copper utensils; because the more these containers are hammered, the better they release ions. They also have a good weight which helps the container to sit well on the gas flame. In addition, handmade dishes are also a work of art.


This metal is often found in nature as various minerals. In the presence of air, heat and humidity, a thin layer of copper oxide is produced. If these oxides are exposed to air or the copper surface is severely oxidized, its blackish color will gradually turn green.


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